Prep Post #25: Kissling p358-72


In this reading, the discussion largely revolved around the fetus and its value as a person, talking about abortion from a relatively prochoice point of view.



When discussing whether the fetus has rights, what often comes up is the idea that pro-life activists seem to disregard the rights that women have over their bodies. Which I think is kind of interesting; it seems to me that a lot of people who are ‘prolife’ are actually ‘probirth’, and don’t necessarily  care what happens to the children afterwards. Pro-life, in my opinion should be used to describe the rights to living a full life rather than just to being alive.


Cases such as the Laci Peterson Case actually provided an angle of debate to whether the fetus has value as a person or not; if a pregnant woman is killed, and both her and her unborn baby are counted as victims, then what does that say about abortion? If one assigns any value to a fetus, then it potentially becomes seen as a person and not just a fetus..


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