Response Post #11: “Book of Eli” “The Truman Show”, and “I Am Legend”




When talking about the religious undertones in “Book of Eli”, what interested me most was the fact that the Bible that Eli had been protecting was in Braille, and that he did not necessarily need to bring the physical book to his destination, but himself. Eli is blind, and yet he is the only one who can ‘truly’ understand the Word of God; to me, this definitely harkens to the idea of blind faith. Not only that, but the fact that Carnegie had the physical book with him, but could not use it because he could not understand it, is important because it draws a line between those who see the Bible as a means to control, and those who see the Bible as a means to serve.




This shot from “The Truman Show” really interests me, because the composition of the scene is definitely supposed to be taken as Christlike; he stretches out his arms as if on a cross, and behind him, there is a “sky” where he will be exiting through. It’s ironic, because though it’s so Messianic in it’s image, it’s really about a man taking control over his life from his “Creator”; basically, humanity triumphing over a higher power.




The mentioning of butterflies as a recurring motif of “I Am Legend” really grabbed my attention, especially after the connection of Neville to Christ was made. The thing about butterflies, is that they are symbolic of the idea of resurrection and new life, and of becoming something new. However, I think that the imagery of the butterflies makes more sense when one watches the alternate ending of “I Am Legend”; it is revealed that to the Dark Seekers, Neville and the rest of humanity are the monsters. So it’s really a twist to the whole idea of the sole survivor of humanity being its Savior.

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