Prep Post #23: McKnight Article


The Emerging Church is a movement that is meant to encompass most -if not all- denominations. However, some of the complaints that people have towards this movement is that they say it seems to be only there to please everyone. Basically, it’s accused of being a ‘hippie movement’, which isn’t necessarily true. I feel like this is mostly linked with the idea of ‘post modernity’, which does not deal with Scripture or the Bible in a ‘traditional’ manner. So it’s not really the denial of truth, or ‘sugarcoating’ it, as it is a new way of looking at it.


Much of what the emerging church is based on is on the idea of change, that the church as it is now is not acceptable. According to the article, however, many Christians who are part of the movement act as if the change has already occurred, which is problematic in itself.


A lot of criticism towards the emerging church is in its emphasis on ritualistic worship, and on right living rather than on solely beliefs, that there is so much emphasis placed on works that there isn’t enough placed on faith. The fact that the emerging church seems to resemble Catholic and Orthodox ways of worship more than anything seems to be something of concern. However, participants of the emerging church will often argue that “faith without good works is dead”.

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