Response Post #8: Religion in Matrix, Star Wars, and Narnia

Anakin Skywalker


One of the instances of religion in popular culture that we talked about in class was that in the Star Wars franchise. The fact that Anakin was a character with Messianic aspects is interesting, because he goes against his Christlike qualities in order to actually fulfill a more Lucifer-like role. However, Anakin later redeems himself in order to save his son. So really, the fact that Darth Vader was a “dark father” is interesting because one could easily read it as a dark inversion of the Messiah-figure.


In “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe”, the character of Edmund encounters a situation that is very much like that of Christ’s temptation in the desert. The way Queen Jadis tempts Edmund with Turkish Delights and gestures to her kingdom is interesting because it not only resembles the story of Christ in the desert in narrative, but also in the cinematography. Taking that into account, the fact that the scene has the Queen trying to ‘seduce’ Edmund into listening to her is interesting in that it establishes a clear distinction of good and evil in the scene.



While talking about the Matrix, there was an emphasis placed on Neo’s role as a Christlike figure, and I think his death scene really emphasizes that aspect. The way his body is positioned is like a cross, and there’s bleeding around his head (though instead of a crown of thorns, it’s a bloodied blindfold around his eyes).

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