Gutierrez Reading


Poverty, as a theme in the New Testament, is often used as a way to not only describe social situations, but is also used to explore a contradictory ideal of being both in a spiritual childhood and a process to becoming closer to God.


Spiritual poverty is not just seen as a way of openness to God, but it also is viewed as a way of redemption; poverty is often seen as synonymous with humility, and since humility is the direct opposite of one of the greater sins (pride), the idea of spiritual poverty gives a sense of redemptive value.


Libertarianism holds liberty to be the highest goal; theological libertarianism is a way seen as a faith-based way to oppose injustice and oppression. However, it is also important to realize that to learn about a social group’s experience is much different than actually experiencing it, so as the reading states, one must always remember that.



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