Prep Post #16: Websites

After looking at these websites, it struck me that this was in many ways an example of how a certain view of Scripture can both characterize and influence how someone can view an issue just as much as vice versa. The different ways issues such as homosexuality and abortion are handled, I think, comes largely from where a church puts its priorities. I think it’s obvious that ELCA is the more liberal of the two organizations whose about me’s we read, so I don’t find it surprising that there is more emphasis placed on human rights and much more acknowledgment of social injustice in their stances, especially the one regarding abortion. The LCMS, on the other hand, places much more emphasis on spiritual health and how sin would affect a person. Not only that, but the LCMS definitely placed a lot more emphasis on Scripture as a basis, in contrast to the ELCA, which seems to have adopted a largely outsider’s point of view along with it’s insider point of view.

The LCMS’s doctrine is one that I am very familiar with and have experienced, so I may have some personal negative biases against much of what they say. But I know that the attitude that churches like these have towards ones like the ELCA is one that could be described as “back-slidden”, which I find, personally, somewhat ironic as I feel as if church like those are stuck in the past. Especially after learning so much about Christianity in this class, I can’t help but feel like Christianity is simply doing what it’s always done- adapt with the times. Christianity isn’t the same as it was even a hundred years ago; things that many churches found ‘sinful’ back then are now largely accepted. 

Though, I found it interesting that the ELCA did not have a general consensus regarding homosexuality. It seems as if they were being careful as if not to offend anyone.


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