Matteo Ricci was a Jesuit priest who, in the seventeenth century, attempted to evangelize the Chinese. His methods were for the most part effective, as he learned to introduce the concept of Christianity slowly, and that it would be most effective if it was integrated into Chinese culture. His way of thinking, however, was rejected by church officials, and Christianity was for many reasons a failure in China.

Spanish Conquistador with Steel Weapons and Horse Battling Incas with Stone Clubs


When Europeans arrived at the “New World”, they pretty much forced their lifestyle onto the Natives; Christianity was not used as something to incorporate into their lives. Rather, it was used as something to emphasize European dominance over the Natives.


the Virgin of Guadalupe is a religious figure that was born out of Aztec religion influencing Christian culture. Legend has it that the Virgin Mary appeared to a Christian Indian named Juan Diego, bidding him to build a shrine on a hill. To give him a sign of divinity, the Virgin Mary had him place flowers in his cloak. When the flowers fell out, the image of the Guadalupe remained on there. The Virgin of Guadalupe is a staple of Latin Christian culture, and was a way for the Latin people to make Christianity their own.


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