Prep Post #10: Weaver & Brakke Chp 4


The “Great Schism” was a major break between the Roman Catholic Church and the Greek Orthodox Church. There were several reasons for this split, but the major difference in how the Western and Eastern “versions” of Christianity viewed the religion (Western Catholicism tended to view  it with a more legalistic perspective while the Eastern Orthodox tended to view it with a more mystical viewpoint).


Monasticism is a practice that emerged in both Western and Eastern versions of Christianity. While the practices differed in various ways (Monasticism in Orthodox Christianity stressed a life of simplicity and mysticism while the Western side tended to act on monasteries as intellectual centers as well as spiritual ones) they both shared the common theme of stressing hospitality as well as the avoidance of earthly temptations.

Jesus Christ Orthodox Icon


Icons are a very interesting part of the Orthodox tradition. Not only are they traditionally see as an expression of the divine and human elements of Christ, they are also an important portrayal of the mystical and political ideals of the Eastern Orthodox Church.


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