Prep Post #8: Weaver and Brakke Ch 3

Jews and Christians in Debate


Christianity and it’s link to Judaism definitely wasn’t as cut-and-dry as I had initially thought. While Christianity was first perceived as many as an extension of the Jewish faith, there was, first of all, controversy on whether Christianity was for all men or just for the Jewish exclusively. Even after that was somewhat resolved with the idea that salvation went beyond the Jews, the fact that many Christian Jews betrayed their national identity for the sake of spreading the Gospel in considerably oppressive circumstances led Jews to severe the connection between Judaism and Christianity.


One of the most interesting things about Christianity is how it was so influenced by the religions and ideas around them. One of these were the Hellenistic ideals and philosophies of pagans. This influence would help lead onto developing the complex theology of Christianity.


Women in the early Church did play some rather large parts; for example, Priscilla and her husband Aquila were “missionary partners” who were praised by Paul. However, much of the misogyny that would rise up in the Christian Church definitely has been reinforced and made very hard to argue with, considering that Paul himself had a rather misogynistic and patriarchal view. Priscilla was the exception instead of the norm.

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