Prep Post #6: Fisher p264-280


Jews believed that humanity was sacred due to the fact that we were made in God’s image. This isn’t supposed to be taken in the literal sense that we were made to look like him; rather, this is supposed to be interpreted as the fact that humans have the capability to reflect attributes that are considered good, and therefore godlike (such as wisdom and judgement).


When faced with the question of human suffering, many times Jews (and Christians) refer to the story of Job. Some interpret his story to be a story of how things will eventually get better in this life if we continue to trust in God; others interpret it as that people will get their reward in the afterlife. Most notably to me, the figure of Satan in some interpretations isn’t necessarily an antagonist, but rather a tool that the Lord uses in Job’s life.


Bar Mitzvahs are basically a coming-of-age celebration in which a boy, on his thirteenth birthday, reads from the Torah and gives a short lesson before continuing the celebration. Orthodox Jews only extend this sort of thing to boys, but non-Orthodox Jews allow girls to have bat mitzvahs.

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